Baseball bat, glove and ball on a bench in the dugout

Board Members


Barron Schimberg

Barron Schimberg has been a board member since 2015.  He and his family, including wife and two sons, have been involved with the league since its inception in 2010. Along with Mark Nickles, he manages the Orioles team every season, while his oldest son Sy, now 16, transitioned into the League’s announcer in 2015.

Barron graduated from Tulane University’s School of Architecture with a Master’s and Bachelors of Architecture and has lived in Sarasota since 1994.  He worked for a local firm until 2004, and then formed the Schimberg Group, an architecture and interior design firm, practicing currently throughout the country.

Growing up in Baltimore, it was only fate that he acquired the Orioles team, which have become family to him and his own family and not just a volunteer choice.  Miracle League will continue as an important part of his and his family’s lives for as long as possible.

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